My thoughts on the wireless

My day today ain’t working the way it’s supposed to. My internet isn’t working.

I understand. You’re now in shock. How? Why? In this part of the century? Is this even still possible? You’re picturing buildings exploding, people screaming, babies crying. And yes, you’re getting a grip of the situation.

Right. So to give you a quick overview of the situation:
I live in a dorm, aye, and the wireless is included in the rent I pay. Getting your access itself is already a rather complicated act and takes in one evening. First thing: You’re only able to get it tuesday nights. For that you have to go to another building belonging to the complex and then queue. Queue a bit longer. Queue till you nearly can’t stand anymore. Until you get in. The IT crews office. You’re half death by now – nearly starving, haven’t had a sip of water since the 18th century and one of your limps has fallen off – and somebody suddenly takes care of you. If you haven’t forgotten your laptop (which is mostly why the queue lost some people), you are now ready. Ready to get your firewall destroyed. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but basically that is what they do.
They install something on your computer and turn something off in your firewall settings. That’s all I got.
Anyway, that’s not important. What is important is that I queued for nearly 3 hours to get crappy internet that only works when nobody else is using the network apparently. Not only that It doesn’t even work on my desk but only on my bed because the signal is clearly not strong enough – no. Most of the time it ain’t working at all.

I never knew how dependent I am on the Internet! Can’t watch movies, can’t go onto tumblr, can’t even learn anything new on the guitar because that’s where I get my chords from! Oh, miserable me! All that was left was to open a word document and start writing. And that’s what I did. Back to the roots. Reading, writing. Just what is needed to get you to feel better, to be honest. It really doesn’t feel like I’m waisting my time when I do that. I was just so in the mood for waisting my time. Do you sometimes have that? I do. I have that.


I don’t know what I’m doing

Well Hello there, my dearest ladies and gentlemen!

What is this You happened to stumble upon? My blog?!
I have a blog? Not Even I knew until now! Wow, you must be quick! Reading my first post. I better not promise to much so you won’t be dissapointed. I might as well just be honest. This is is something I just randomly decided to do. Like, literally. It is 1:30am and I thought ‚why not‘.

Maybe I should introduce myself: My name’s Alina, I am 19 years of age and I am a university student. I am studying theatre studies and English Literature and Culture, what a nerdy dork, aye? But it’s fun and I hope one day I might even be able to make money with it. And if not, I’ll become a cleaner with a doctors degree. I stole that joke from a friend but it still works everytime I tell it.
Just recently I moved out of my parents house so now I’m all on my one in the big bright and beautiful world. I am sounding really positive there. But ya know, rather be optimistic than a pessimist who doesn’t win anything.
I just made that saying up. I’m not really good at making up sayings, you might tell.
Places I’ve visited (in alphabetical order): Australia, Austria, England, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain. That should be all of them. I like traveling. You will probably get to read that rather a couple of times.

Right here and right now I am apologizing for every spelling mistake I make on this blog. I am already sorry.
And from now on, whenever somebody comments on false spelling, I will give him a link to this entry. This is now a thing.

I can be proud pf myself. First blog entry and already a thing. Haha.

I am going to bed now and so should you. Unless you’re in the morning, then don’t. Or in the afternoon. Basically just go to bed if it’s late at night.
Have a good one,
Your Alien